VSW6226-EI switch is a high-performance, high-density port and low latency Ethernet switch, this is a data center 10G tor switch for small DC.

Product Characteristics

High performance, full line speed forwarding

24 SFP+ ports and 2 QSFP28 port can be provided, L2 / L3 full line speed forwarding.

High reliability

Support M-LAG (cross chassis link bundling technology), enable link aggregation between multiple devices, and improve link reliability from board level to device level


support the mainstream Vxlan, and solve the problem that the VLAN number of the traditional data center network is insufficient and the scale is difficult to expand

Simple maintenance

Support port local mirror and RSPAN remote mirror, support stream mirror, support multiple mirror monitoring ports, support ERSPAN, and support sFlow v4/v5 and other traffic collection protocols to facilitate the extraction and analysis of network traffic to take corresponding maintenance measures

Hardware Specification

24*10G SFP+ and 2*100G QSFP28 port
Hot-swappable Power Supplies2(1+1) 250W
FAN4(2+2) Front-to-Rear
Dimensions(H×W×D)440X360X44 mm
Input Voltage100 ~ 240V; 50/60H
Power ConsumptionNormal:  80W     MAX: 100W
Operating Temperature0 to 45 ºC
Storage Temperature-40 to 70 ºC

Software Specification




Support full duplex, half duplex, and auto-negotiation duplex

Support auto-negotiation port speed

Support Jumbo Frame

Support Flow Control

Support Storm Control

Support Port-block

Support Port-isolate


Support 4096 VLAN

Support Default VLAN

Support VLAN mapping


Support Static Link aggregation

Support LACP

Support Static Load Balancing


Support STP/RSTP/MSTP Protocol

Support port Loopback Detect

Support VRRP

Support MLAG

Support VARP


Support static ARP

Support dynamic ARP leaning and aging

Support Gratuitous ARP

Support basic ARP-Proxy and local ARP-Proxy

Support DHCP Server

Support DHCP Relay

Support DHCP Snooping

Support DHCP Client

IPv4 Forwarding

Support IPv4 static routes

Support uRPF check

Support RIPv1, RIPv2

Support OSPFv2

Support BGP

Support Policy-based Routing ( PBR )

Support ECMP


Support ICMPv6

Support NDP

Support IPv6 static routes

Support RIPng

Support OSPFv3

Support DHCPv6


Support IGMP v1/v2/v3

Support IGMP agent


Support MLD v1/v2, MLD v1/v2 snooping

Support MVR and MVR6

Support PIM-SM v6

Data Center

Support priority-based flow control (PFC)

Support VXLAN

Support PFC Deadlock detection

Support EVPN


Traffic classification:

based on the combination of the MAC address, IPv4/IPv6 ddress, L2 protocol header, TCP, UTP, outgoing interface, and 802.1p field

Traffic behaviors:

Access control after traffic classification,

Re-marking based on traffic classification (COS, DSCP)

Class-based packet queuing

Queue scheduling:


Congestion avoidance:

Tail Drop, WRED (Weighted Random Early Detection)


Support SSH

Support Radius

Support TACAS+

Support AAA

Support access control list(ACL)

Support IP source guard

Support CPU Traffic Limit

Support Prevent DDOS attack

Support ACL filtering Telnet/SSH login

Support Link-Flapping detection

Maintenance and Management

support Configurations through CLI (Command Line Interface)

support Login through console and Telnet terminals

Support Network management based on SNMPv1/v2c/v3

Support Ping、traceroute 

Support Upload and download files through FTP or TFTP

support RMON management of logs, alarms, and debugging information detailed debugging information for diagnosing network faults local Mirror(Port Mirror and VLAN Mirror)